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I have been in practice for 20 years helping individuals and couples heal and create meaningful, joyful lives.  I draw upon psychological theory and research-supported methods, such as individual and couples psychotherapy, DBT, neurobiology, and EMDR, as well as complimentary and alternative treatments, such as yoga, spirituality, indigenous healing, and mind-body research.  

People and couples who seek out my services are often suffering from depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, disrupted relationships, out of control emotions, or feelings of purposelessness and loss.  After treatment, clients notice not only a reduction of symptoms, but also an increase in motivation, purpose, ease, connection, and joy.  I work from a client-centered, relational perspective that allows me to tailor your therapy to your exact needs, situations, personality and disposition.

Call for an apointment:
(206) 328-3050


Brain science and the advent of imaging technology have made it clear just how embodied the mind is.
-Psychotherapy Networker
          July/August 2004

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